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RL has relegated me to lurking again

29 November 1966
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I’m a career woman bored with RL so I play on the interwebz like so many other peeps. My first online fandom was LOTR but I created my LJ and IJ accounts for QAF where BJ-shipping was serious biznez!! I’ve made some really great friends here (looking at you, Tita, Red and Michi). Fell into the glitter in 2010 (all Red’s fault) stanning Adam Lambert. I’m not on any AFL ship but do enjoy reading any crack!fic pairing.

Since I’m still very much bored with RL (tho busy) I’ve been recommended Merlin, Teen Wolf and Sherlock Holmes. I’m not on board any ship on these (I swear I tried!! But Brian and Justin from QAF is my OTP and I’ve not been able to seriously get into any other ship since then). BUT that being said, fic-wise I’ll read any well-conceptualized fic based on canon or great AU crack!fic in any of these fandoms.

Generally, I have very little energy to live life to the fullest and no imagination to write my own fic and so I have to live vicariously thru whatever I can get on the Net!